Signs You Need More Training before Racing

Have you registered for any of the obstacle races? You must realize that these are extreme events and you need to prepare properly both physically and mentally before you participate in obstacle races. You do not have to be a chiselled top class athlete to take part in obstacle races such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash or any other of the sort. However, you should be trained well enough to minimize injuries. Some signs tell you that you need more training before you take the plunge.

You Follow No Routine Workout Plan

In order to take part in obstacle racing it is mandatory to possess a truly versatile skill set. You need agility, strength, speed and endurance to succeed. If you are still not in the habit of doing regular workouts, you may end up getting seriously injured as you would lack the strength and stamina. You must realize that these races are extreme events and are not just afterthoughts where you can impulsively register last minute without proper planning or preparation.

The first sign that you are not yet ready for the races is when you get totally exhausted while doing whatever workouts you are doing. Irregular or erratic workout plans would leave you exhausted halfway, so better get into a proper workout schedule to build up your strength and stamina.

You are Unable to Do Any Pull-ups

Extreme events happen to be extremely taxing, necessitating pulling, pushing and lifting. If you are still not able to do simple pull-ups then you are not yet ready to face the challenge. Try to integrate some resistance-based exercises or weight lifting that would enhance your anaerobic base that is really critical for these races. Full body workout also helps you in getting ready for the extreme events.

You are Not Able to Run 1 mile Non-stop

Extreme races are known to vary tremendously in distances and some of them are known to stretch over 10 miles or so. So you need to develop major cardio endurance to go up to the finish line. It is also essential to get into the practice of replicating the extremes of a mud run, from time to time.

You need to incorporate variety to your training program. Try and alter your rhythm and running speed while halting mid-run to do a set of exercises. You may for instance, run at a good and comfortable speed for about a mile then increase the pace subsequently. It is a great idea to integrate sprints or short bursts into the run. You may include pushups or burpees in between. These variations help to enhance your stop and go speed.

You are Not Able to Pull up Your Body Weight Comfortably over the Wall

You are finding it difficult to pull up your body weight effortlessly over the wall. You should not only focus on enhancing strength and endurance but concentrate on booting your flexibility as well. Flexibility is a core requirement in extreme races. High Intensity Interval training should be incorporated in your fitness preparation. Try out body weight lunges, body weight squats, jumping Jacks, push-ups or burpees.

You are Getting Constantly Injured

The ultimate sign that you are not yet ready for participating in extreme obstacle races is that you are ending up hurting yourself while practicing. You are definitely not adequately prepared. So learn new techniques and develop skills to minimize injuries before participating in highly demanding and challenging obstacle races.


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