Want Results? Join a Functional Fitness Class

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Joining a functional fitness is a wonderful way to kickstart your exercise regime. If you want to get in shape and improve your stamina, there is nothing like enrolling at your nearest boot camp.

All you have to do is stay committed and attend each and every session no matter how gruelling the workouts are. At the end of your functional fitness session, you will definitely emerge stronger and fitter with a more confident personality.

Functional Training Provide a Stimulating Environment

One of the biggest impediments to the success of your workout regime is lack of motivation. This is hardly surprising as most people are lazy by nature or too occupied to spare time for regular workout. Always choose a fitness program run by a personal that has the correct fitness certifications and is accredited with REPS.

However, functional training workouts are being held outdoor offer a completely different environment. Breathing in the fresh air and taking in the beauty of nature is extremely motivating in itself. This is a huge attraction of boot camps and you will definitely want to continue just to be in the lap of nature every morning. And results are bound to show if you are regular and stay dedicated.

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Workout among Like-minded People

At a fitness boot camp, you are never alone with your problems. You are part of a group of people who enjoy exercising in the open and are ready to face the challenges of nature. Like you, they too have certain fitness goals and are ready to go that extra mile to achieve it.

No session is monotonous as there are different types of challenging games and events incorporated within regular workout schedules. Participants are extremely enthusiastic and eager to complete each session as best as they can. There is healthy competition all around with high sense of camaraderie. In fact, your group members will encourage you when you are down so that you too are determined to complete each session successfully.

Enjoy a Total Body Workout

Only functional workouts provide total body workouts in each and every session. In regular workouts, you perform a fixed set of exercises and reps that may not target your entire body. However, boot camp workouts comprise different types of dynamic exercises along with competitive games and events. Typical boot camp sessions make you do strength training, flexibility moves and aerobic workouts all at the same time. Such complex workouts put your entire body through the gruel for all-round development of muscles and strength.

Avoid Stagnation

Stagnating at a particular fitness level is another reason you may not see the desired results. This is but natural as you continue with the same exercise for months and your body gets accustomed to it. But at a functional fitness boot camp, there is slender chance of you ever stagnating or reaching a fitness plateau. Check out this great website I found www.functionalfitnesscourses.com/kettlebell-instructor-certifications/sydney/.

Workouts and schedules are changed regularly and impromptu games ensure you never do the same thing every two days. Moreover, as you pit yourself against the natural terrain with no scope of adjusting ‘difficultly’ levels, you body is pushed continuously to perform better. Results are guaranteed when you go through such intense and challenging workouts that keep varying regularly.

How to Choose a UK Personal Trainer Course?


With the present day facility of getting information on the internet, when you want to select a good personal trainer course, download all the information you can on the different fitness course providers advertised, check the information and qualifications and then decide which you would suit your needs best.

Reputation is important

You should look out for personal trainer courses that are recognised in the industry as also internationally so that you can hope to earn more than the average personal trainer trainer salary  in UK.

Become a Personal Trainer

Information on courses held

You need to check out about the courses conducted and in what format. What are the time limits given, is home work expected? How regular is contact time? Would you prefer a course where you can attend in person?

Ensure enough time is given

When you decide to go in for online learning at any of the UK fitness course providers, ensure enough time is allocated for you to absorb all required information. The job is based on practical skills and as such sufficient time is required for you to learn and practice.

Choose a course that covers your specific intentions

Becoming a personal trainer covers a wide field of activities. So when you are looking at the list of fitness course providers select one that can qualify you in your chosen field. If you are not able to decide in what field you want to specialise, check out with the course advisors. It could also be worthwhile to join the course and generally qualify, and later decide if you would like to specialise in a particular field.

Mixed packages

Some fitness course providers offer mixed packages. What they do, is to combine many courses in one package which is comprehensive and proves a good deal money-wise. By joining such a course you could reach your goal quicker. However at some stage you might want to change your mind with regard to the direction you are moving in.

Importance of getting the right categories

If you plan to become a gym instructor, you will require a Level 2 Certificate for Fitness Instruction. If you get a Level 3 Certificate it will enable you to get on REPs though you need to check if this is just in personal training. The CPD (continued professional development) certificate will not entitle you to the REP category. All fitness course providers involve boxing, kettlebells, bosu etc. are CPD.

Value for money

Whichever personal trainer course you join, be sure you are getting value for your money. Each course is different with regard to support given to students, materials used etc. Also check whether additional money has to be paid for re-taking of exams and whether you will be REPs registered on the completion of the course.


In conclusion do not be in a hurry to make this important decision. The best thing is to shop around a bit. The amount you need to invest in personal training is not small, so try and get the best value for your money. One way of going about it is to check with past students and get their input. Also whichever personal trainer courses you look at, try and find out if the tutors are experienced and qualified.

How to reduce your waistline

Two problems that concern men and women alike are receding hairline and increasing waistline. While transplant seems to be the best option available for getting hair back on the head, reducing your waistline depends on many variables. Dangerously Fit personal fitness coaching online is your best bet to know all about losing weight.

There is no substitute for hard work as far losing weight is concerned. Basically you need to burn the extra fat and that is achieved only through sweating it out. Workouts combined with a balanced diet and disciplined lifestyle are mandatory to have any significant reduction in weight.

If you want to gain ground in your endeavor of losing weight, be prepared and willing to endure some pain. The degree of pain can vary depending on your technique and effort but there is no escaping the pain. Any good fitness coach will tell you the same.

When you hear of pain, do not presume it is pain in the sense of excruciating injury type pain. Pain felt while exercising is the discomfort that is necessary to stretch your limits, make your body more flexible and stronger to take up more intense workouts.

Most of the pain you feel will be at the start of your exercise program. For first few days you feel pain in almost the entire body due to “lactic acid” effects. This is the pain you feel as your body gets used to taking the workout load.

You are advised to brave through these few initial days. Once this pain subsides, you will start enjoying the workouts and crossing your own limits. In short, your body will get addicted to the workout regime. Ask you personal trainer and you are sure to get the same answer.

Do not get sucked in by shortcuts or theories of weight loss without pain. There are no safe methods to lose weights apart from working out and burning fat. Those over-the-counter pills claiming to cut those pounds have serious side effects. You may end up damaging your gallbladder or even disturb the electrolyte balance.

Liposuction is a high-risk procedure. It is not even preferred by surgeons and you tend to put on the weight back if you go back to binge eating and drinking.

Avoid going on crash diets. Though you do lose weight through such diets, it is best advised to maintain a healthy balanced diet. You may consult your personal trainer about preparing a diet best suited to your needs.

Swimming is a very good way of exercising but it is not known to help much in losing weight. So brace yourself for a bit of pain for a huge gain of feeling and looking good.

For more information go to http://www.dangerouslyfit.com.au/personal-trainer/jobs-sydney/

Advantage of group training

Group Training in Randwick indeed has a number of advantages. Besides being inexpensive it is a great way of losing weight and staying fit. Working out at the gym can be extremely boring and motivation levels tend to drop when one does not see results. But group training can help perk you up when you are feeling down. The power of group training is essentially drawn from the participants and is channelled by the trainer.

Randwick Group training is easily one of the best personal training methods and those who are looking to stay fit should consider the option. A few benefits of group training are discussed below:

Expert Trainers: There are a number of gyms across the neighborhood. And each of them promise better equipment than the other. However what they fail to mention is that you do not use the equipment properly you may hurt yourself. You could get a trainer to supervise you but then you would need to dish out a few extra dollars. A group training program ensures that you have the guidance of an expert trainer at all times at one fourth the cost sometimes.

group training

Goal: Since you are no expert as far as fitness is concerned you may need some help with devising a strategy to achieve your goal. At the gym you may swing from the treadmill to the weights without putting any thought into your regimen. And in the process you may end up hurting yourself. At a group training the trainer will devise a program for you depending on what your goal is and he will ensure that the goal is monitored and achieved by the end of your program.

Cost effective:  Group training in Randwick is definitely more cost effective than working out at the gym. A personal trainer at the gym or hiring a trainer at home can cause a deep strain on your pocket. However when you employ the services of a group trainer you will notice that the cost is comparatively much lesser and the results are the same.

Motivation: Training at the gym without the guidance of a personal trainer will not yield results. You need to be constantly motivated and that’s where the group dynamics help. When you train in a group the energy around you and the dedication of people in your group will motivate you to go on when you feel tired.

Group training Randwick is definitely one of the best ways to stay fit. And if you are looking for a program that keeps you fit and does not cost you much, you have to look for a group today.

Signs You Need More Training before Racing

Have you registered for any of the obstacle races? You must realize that these are extreme events and you need to prepare properly both physically and mentally before you participate in obstacle races. You do not have to be a chiselled top class athlete to take part in obstacle races such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash or any other of the sort. However, you should be trained well enough to minimize injuries. Some signs tell you that you need more training before you take the plunge.

You Follow No Routine Workout Plan

In order to take part in obstacle racing it is mandatory to possess a truly versatile skill set. You need agility, strength, speed and endurance to succeed. If you are still not in the habit of doing regular workouts, you may end up getting seriously injured as you would lack the strength and stamina. You must realize that these races are extreme events and are not just afterthoughts where you can impulsively register last minute without proper planning or preparation.

The first sign that you are not yet ready for the races is when you get totally exhausted while doing whatever workouts you are doing. Irregular or erratic workout plans would leave you exhausted halfway, so better get into a proper workout schedule to build up your strength and stamina.

You are Unable to Do Any Pull-ups

Extreme events happen to be extremely taxing, necessitating pulling, pushing and lifting. If you are still not able to do simple pull-ups then you are not yet ready to face the challenge. Try to integrate some resistance-based exercises or weight lifting that would enhance your anaerobic base that is really critical for these races. Full body workout also helps you in getting ready for the extreme events.

You are Not Able to Run 1 mile Non-stop

Extreme races are known to vary tremendously in distances and some of them are known to stretch over 10 miles or so. So you need to develop major cardio endurance to go up to the finish line. It is also essential to get into the practice of replicating the extremes of a mud run, from time to time.

You need to incorporate variety to your training program. Try and alter your rhythm and running speed while halting mid-run to do a set of exercises. You may for instance, run at a good and comfortable speed for about a mile then increase the pace subsequently. It is a great idea to integrate sprints or short bursts into the run. You may include pushups or burpees in between. These variations help to enhance your stop and go speed.

You are Not Able to Pull up Your Body Weight Comfortably over the Wall

You are finding it difficult to pull up your body weight effortlessly over the wall. You should not only focus on enhancing strength and endurance but concentrate on booting your flexibility as well. Flexibility is a core requirement in extreme races. High Intensity Interval training should be incorporated in your fitness preparation. Try out body weight lunges, body weight squats, jumping Jacks, push-ups or burpees.

You are Getting Constantly Injured

The ultimate sign that you are not yet ready for participating in extreme obstacle races is that you are ending up hurting yourself while practicing. You are definitely not adequately prepared. So learn new techniques and develop skills to minimize injuries before participating in highly demanding and challenging obstacle races.

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